• Security and Privacy (COMP 7570)

    The objective of this course is to train students in secure data collection, protection, and dissemination of information for data analysis. This course will cover legal, ethical, and technical aspects of information privacy. The main topics include conceptions and legal foundations of information privacy, security primitives, different privacy models, and various anonymization algorithms for diverse data sharing scenarios. Students will explore cutting-edge privacy solutions and learn how to apply privacy technologies to real-life applications.

  • Introduction to Cryptography and Cryptosystems (COMP 4140)

    Description and analysis of cryptographic methods used in the authentication and protection of data: Stream Ciphers; Block Ciphers; RSA Cryptosystem; Public-Key Cryptosystems Based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem; Digital Signatures; Hash Functions; Message Authentications Codes (MACs); Key Establishment.

  • Computer Security (COMP 4580)

    This course provides an introduction to security and privacy issues in various aspects of computing, including cryptography, software, operating systems, networks, web applications and databases. It examines causes of security and privacy breaches, and gives methods to help prevent them.